Adding tile to your home will increase its potential resale value tremendously. Potential buyers certainly take notice of a well installed and designed tile floor. With its attractive style and impressive presentation, a tile floor can add thousands of dollars in potential value to prospective customers.


From rugged stone looks to sophisticated high-gloss selections, Porcelain offers lasting design solutions for both residential or commercial environments.


With a full range of styles, sizes, finishes and colors plus innovative border, accent and pattern options, Porcelain offers you virtually limitless design possibilities indoors and out.

Fire Resistant

Porcelain tile doesn't burn or emit toxic fumes. When a lighted cigarette is dropped on the floor, even if allowed to sit, will not do any damage to ceramic tile. Even hot kitchen pans or skillets will not scorch or melt the surface of glazed ceramic tile.

Scratch Resistant Ceramic tile is graded for hardness. Grade III and Grade IV glazed ceramic tiles are extremely resistant to scratching and you never have to worry about a crack or break like you do with some other types of floors.


On the MOH's hardness scale, wear-resistant Porcelain outperforms slate, marble and even granite for a surface stronger than stone that makes a lasting impression throughout your home or office.

The flawless beauty of Porcelain adds function and style to residential and commercial environments alike. It withstands the rigors of everyday life beautifully to maintain its beauty for generations to come.

More Wear Resistant

When it comes to wear resistance, Porcelain simply outperforms most all types of slate, marble and even granite.

Unique Through-Body Color

Turn a foyer into a grand entrance, or transform an ordinary living room into a gracious space for entertaining. Porcelain can also make your hard working kitchen a whole lot easier to keep clean. And, best of all, colors and patterns flow beautifully from room to room, creating a house that's truly a home.

Brief Summary

Ceramic tile is a practical, functional choice for your floor, walls or counter tops that offers you a unique opportunity for self-expression because of its beauty, versatility and design potential.

There is an extensive range of colors, textures, sizes and styles will allow you to reflect your personal style, and create a living space that is a reflection of you!