Benefits Of Porcelain

Adding tile to your home will increase its potential resale value tremendously. Potential buyers certainly take notice of a well installed and designed tile floor. With its attractive style and impressive presentation, a tile floor can add thousands of dollars in potential value to prospective customers.

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Care & Maintenance Of Porcelain

Cleaning your porcelain tile is not like cleaning other surfaces.  This is because porcelain tiles fire at a much higher temperature than the average ceramic tile (2,300°F apposed to 1,800°F) which drives out more water, making a stronger structure.  The unique ingredients used to make porcelain will cause it to form into a low-order glass, making it extremely water resistant.  This makes the tile become more stain resistant, as well as not allowing dirt to penetrate the surface; however, it is still necessary to remove the dirt and grime from the top of the tiles.

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Porcelain Installation

Before Installation

If you want a problem-free installation—and we all want that!—here’s a checklist of things to do before we arrive. 

  • Make sure you know who’s removing your existing flooring. If you wish, the installer will do it. If not, you should make arrangements to have it removed.
  • Who’s moving the furniture? Decide in advance if you want to take on the responsibility or if you want the installer to handle it. Either way, be sure to remove all fragile items from the room.
  • If your tile has any linearity to the pattern, decide whether you want it to run in one direction or to be quarter-turned, so that an overall “checkerboard” type pattern is achieved.
  • Measure door clearances before you have your tile installed. If the new floor is thicker than your existing floor, door bottoms may rub. Plan in advance to have someone shave or saw the correct amount off the bottom of each door so it does not drag.
  • Paint first. If you’re planning to paint, wallpaper, or do any other remodeling in the room, it’s best to do it before your tile is installed. Keep extra paint to touch up any post-installation nicks.

It’s also a good idea to check with us directly to find out if there are other actions we recommend before installation. Just call a member of our friendly sales staff.